Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is The Canadian Legion Hypocritical

     Every year at this time for the past 3 or 4 years, a new controversy arises. A new group calling itself the Island Peace Committee feels that the selling of white poppies to represent non-violent conflict resolution should be allowed alongside the sale of the Legions red poppies. The white poppies are for those who support peace while the red poppies represent those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. But here's the rub.

     The Canadian Legion feels they own the poppy emblem and should have total excusivity on their sale. As I understand it and what I was taught growing up, the men and women who died during WW1, and WW2 did so in the name of freedom. They died so we would have the freedom to live life without being dictated to. Isn't the Legion doing just that though with the demands against a group whose sole purpose is to promote a peaceful life? Sounds a little hypocritical to me.

     If it were up to me, I say let them sell the white poppies to remind us that there is an alternative to war and so that we don't have to wear a red poppy but we do so to honour those who died for our freedom. It's not disrespectful to want something that those who died for us wanted us to have.

     Just for the record, I am a member of the Canadian Legion and I wear a red poppy every year. I thank those who died during the wars and am grateful for the sacrifice they made. My own Father was a member of the armed forces who saw combat during the Korean conflict. Just because I say a white poppy has it's place in todays society does not mean any disrespect to those honoured by the wearing of a red poppy.


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