Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slander Or Just A Poor Loser?

One of the greatest sporting events Canadian football fans look forward to, besides the Grey Cup game, is the rivalry known as the "Labour Day Classic". The greatest rivalry that I know of comes between the Toronto Argonauts and the Hamilton Tiger Cats. The banter between fans can and does get wild at times. This year was no different..... with one exception.

A female Toronto fan who was in Hamilton to cheer on her beloved Argos, sent off a letter to the Hamilton Spectator's   "Letters To The Editor" section  with accusations of everything from being called names to actually saying she was urinated on by a Hamilton fan while in the stands. Sixty one year old Sandra Granahan says it took her several days to recover from the shock and anxiety she suffered as a result of the abuse she received while in Hamilton. The letter appeared in about the Sept. 8th issue (not exactly sure).

Since her letter appeared in the paper, there have been other letters published. They ran the gamut from outrage, to sympathy to disbelief. There was a letter by someone from the Ti-Cat organization stating an investigation would be launched.

Today (Sept.16th), an article titled  Writer's Take On Ti-Cat Crowd Absurd  seems to dispel every statement made by Ms Granahan. The writer of this article, Mr. Ben Lawrence, was in the same section during the game and witnessed none of what was claimed. Mr. Lawrence backs everything up with logic, common sense and an eye-witness accounting of the whole time. Hard to dispute that.

On  Ms. Granahan's FaceBook page , she states, [QUOTE] I will never go to Hamilton again in my lifetime.[/QUOTE] All I can say is "Thank you. I'm sure you've made all Hamiltonians and Tiger Cat fans very happy.


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