Monday, June 28, 2010

Canada's Shame

Whenever anyone from another country is asked what their impression of Canada is, the answer is usually either "A country of polite people" or "A peace loving country". On Saturday June 26th during the G20 summit in Toronto, the second statement is no longer valid. In my opinion.

While "some" of the protestors tried to have a peaceful demonstration, that was not to be. A radical group of thugs called "The Black Bloc" descended on Toronto leaving a trail of destruction behind them. Smashed windows, burned out police patrol cars, and more. There were even reports of looting and assaults. If you were anywhere near them with a camera, you were practically taking your life in your hands. These thugs should be rounded up, charged top the fullest extent of the law, made to pay restitution for "everything" and made to clean up the damage they did.

The one lingering question in all this is..."Where were the cops when the Black Bloc was creating all this mayhem and destruction?" That's a good question. In a lot of the videos shown on main stream media videos and on YouTube, they were just standing nearby doing absolutely nothing.

To be honest, the cops did make arrests during the melee. Out of an estimated 700 to 900 arrests, most were protestors. The part that is really troubling, of those arrested, 1 was a shop owner on her way to work (held in detention for about 5 hours or more with no washroom facilities), 1 was a security guard on his way to work ( held in detention for 20 hours) and the list goes on. The cops overstepped their bounds. There is no question about it. They should be held accountable for not doing their job properly. In my opinion, the cops in Toronto during the G20 did a worse job than the O.P.P. did in Caledonia. And that's doing some.


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