Friday, October 16, 2009

Vicious Arrest At University

After reading the news story, watching it on t.v. and with the clip at the bottom of this post, all I can say is I would be accused of resisting arrest too.

Officials at the University of Western Ontario in London are defending the violent arrest of a student that was captured on video and posted on YouTube.

The video, shot on Wednesday at the university's social sciences building, shows what appears to be five campus and police officers surrounding the man and pinning him to the ground.... cont.

The suspect is on the floor, 1 cop is repeatedly slamming his knee into him (at 15 seconds). Another cop is hitting him with what looks like a billy (at 23 seconds) and a 3rd is punching him about the head (at 1:10). The other 2 are trying to handcuff him while the guy is trying to keep his parts in order.

Don't believe what I'm saying? Watch the clip.

I can't help but wonder, after watching that disgraceful display, if any of those "peace officers" were ever at Vancouver Airport? They acted just about as bad as a few that were there that also made headlines.


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