Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Strange Days Indeed

After being away for 2 weeks and very little computer access, I felt it time to make a comment or two concerning a few news items I've come across.

First off, it seems some police forces and  Taser  have started listening to people over the use of the Taser stun-gun. Too many people were dying after being stunned by one of these devices. The fact that it was stated that the stun-gun didn't actually cause the deaths, it just seems too coincidental to ignore. In a  release by Taser , it states (on page 2) that the devices should "Not" be aimed at a persons chest so as to reduce the possibility of affecting a persons heart.

A number of Canadian police agencies are changing their policies on stun-gun use in light of a new training bulletin from the manufacturer of the weapon.

Taser International says the guns should not be aimed at a suspect's chest whenever possible. Instead, officers are advised to target the abdomen, legs or back.... cont

I personally would like to see the use of them banned. I guess one could be thankful that it is illegal for just anyone to possess them here in Canada. We don't need Canadians acting like Americans.

It's too bad some of the changes hadn't been implemented when the R.C.M.P. used them numerous times on Robert Dziekanski. He might still be alive today. I would like to wish his mother luck in her lawsuit.

Robert Dziekanski's mother is suing the federal and provincial governments, four RCMP officers and the Vancouver International Airport for the loss of her son.

Dziekanski died minutes after he was shocked up to five times with a Taser by the RCMP in the arrivals lounge of the airport two years ago.... cont.

There were two items that I just could not believe. First up, a truck driver was fined for smoking in his truck. There was nobody under 16, he was alone just driving down the highway when he was tagged.

A truck driver from London, Ont., has been fined $305 for smoking in the cabin of a tractor-trailer because it is considered a workplace.

Essex County Ontario Provincial Police pulled over a truck on Highway 401 near Windsor, Ont., at about noon on Wednesday after the driver, 48, was seen smoking.... cont.

Can we say "Overkill"? It's time the cops started smartening up. This guy is out slaving away to make a buck and a cop pulls him over for smoking in his truck. Since when did Canada become a communist nation?

I think the biggest shock was learning that  President Barack Obama received the 2009 Nobel Peace laureate . My question is, "FOR WHAT?" He hasn't been in office long enough to actually warrant that kind of acheivement. It just doesn't make any sense.


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