Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Naturally He Would Say That

It seems there is just no end to the controversy over the stun-gun.

The Taser used on Robert Dziekanski had nothing to do with the Polish immigrant's death at Vancouver International Airport, according to the manufacturer's lawyer.

David Neave told the Braidwood inquiry that all the peer-reviewed evidence from medical experts is that the stun gun does not affect a subject's heart, matabolism or breathing....cont.

Yeah right!!! I suppose all those other people who died after being tasered were all suffering from strange maladies and the stun-gun had nothing to do with their deaths. Tell that to their families.

Let's face it, David Neave is Taser's attorney. He can't say anything negative against the company or the product or he's out of a job. That's only common sense. That doesn't mean that I or anyone else should believe the stun-gun is safe.

In yesterdays entry, I even posted a link to a news story and to a PDF file where Taser themselves revised their manual. The revision warns against shooting the stun-gun at the chest of the intended victim.

Now I wonder why they would put out that bit of info if their own lawyer states the stun-gun isn't lethal?


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