Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rob Ford And His Media Maggots

So according to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, the media is nothing but maggots (story can be found HERE) because certain people in the media are trying to find the truth about his involvement with crack.

Excuse me Mr. Ford but wasn't it the media who helped you get elected? Oh sure, you did the door to door campaigning bit and all but without the media, how far do you actually think your election would have gone? If the media played no part in helping people get elected, people such as yourself would have as much chance as a snowballs chance in hell.

To both Mr. Fords.... I have nothing personal with either of you. I just cannot stand hypocritical people, arrogant people and people who cannot admit to past transgressions and move on. To me, both of you fit in at least one of these categories if not more.

For the greater good of Toronto (which in my opinion isn't saying much), you both need to address a very serious problem in a straightforward manner. Rob Ford, you said you will be the first to sign up for the next election for Mayor. At this point in time, your chance to be re-elected is minimal at best. This latest incident combined with past mistakes casts a dark shadow on any re-election plans. Any right-minded person would not vote for you with this type of dark shadow hanging over you. And Doug, while being accused of selling hash is no big deal these days, if you're not guilty, prove it. After all, it wouldn't be hard for someone with some pull to access any criminal charges against you. That's the great thing about the "Access To Information" our Gov. has allowed us.

Just a few things to think about boys.


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