Monday, February 11, 2008

Self-Defense Not Guns

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Blogger MLRS said...

Honestly Jafo why do you want Canadians disarmed?

When it comes to a situation where I am being threatened and I have to call the police I first have to call them, second I have to tell them what’s happening, then I have to wait for their arrival. I grant you that the time it takes to call and describe your situation can be a fast experience, say 30 seconds to a minute. You must wait now for the police to respond. Not all of us Canadians live in the tight confines of a city such as Hamilton or Toronto where the response of the police is around 2 minutes at the very best. Rural responses can take hours!!!

The only problem with time is it tends to dictate to you the reasonable response you must take.

The bulk of firearm related encounters happen from a distance of no more than 0 - 12 yards and last less than 2 - 10 seconds and usually the bad guys are way more prepared than you are for the fight.

If you are prepared and trained such as armored car guards you stand a very good chance of going home to the wife and kids or for that matter taking the wife and kids home with you.

How dare you speak against my rights? They are part of or Charter of rights and freedoms and the criminal code and firearms act provide for armed Canadians. When next you speak out on a subject bring facts! Not the ill considered, guessed at, sensationalistic crap you think you have the ability to speak of.

I would also say that if you can set up an honest one on one with any martial arts guy I would take the opportunity to show you that only the same martial art can be used effectively against itself. I have no such martial art training accept that of Firearms instructor. I have 17 years experience in the armored car industry and have been trained by some of the best in the world at the Smith & Wesson Academy.

Its time you and the rest of Canada to grow up and take responsibility for your own life and learn your place. Self defense starts and stops with you!. Unless of course you have a police escort.


February 17, 2008 at 7:21 p.m.  
Blogger Jafo said...

First things first. I grew up in a rural setting and I know from experience most homes in rural areas have rifles for hunting, to protect livestock from wild animals, and as well as any number of reasons. A handgun in a rural area (also known as farmland) is ludicrous at best.

As for "how dare you speak against my rights". I am speaking out for my rights to be able to walk the street knowing some smart-assed punk isn't going to shoot me for $10.00, for the woman in Toronto whose son just had his brains blown out at a party because his cowardly opponent had to act tough and use a gun instead of his fists like a man.

Out of the whole comment you made, there is one part I can agree with. When you mentioned about talking to a martial arts expert. I have and I know that in a rare instance, no matter how well trained you may be, there is a percentage that there are those out there better than you.

It's time for people out there to grow up and realize this is not the U.S. We don't need and should never need to have to carry a gun just to walk down the street.

February 17, 2008 at 8:36 p.m.  
Blogger Stray-arc said...

It seems to me that regardless of whether Candians have the right to carry a gun the punk will shoot you for the $10.00 anyways. I mean, how many of the guns used in crime were legally bought and owned? I don't want heresay. Give me statistics.

By the way, uh, since 1973 the number of people dying from guns in the US has gone down by about 8,000 a year if you believe the US Department of Justice. The peak numbers were someting like 27,000 a year. Now its more like 15,000, a tragedy yes, but a better trend than we have even here. How's it going in England where they have effectively banned private gun ownership?

Uh, I do have a question for you, how is my wife, at 57kg (125 pounds) supposed to stop a 110kg (240lb) rapist with martial arts? I can have a guy teach her how to shoot and, if the FBI is telling the truth, have the rapist decide to run away 992 times out of a thousand, with the other 8 times involving shooting the gun. Hey if it saves one life (in this case, my WIFE). Its funny that a woman will have a gun taken away from her, but car keys between her fingers will help her defend herself. How sexist is that? Telling a woman she is incapable of operating a gun to save her life, that's even more mysogynistic than telling me women can't drive.

February 17, 2008 at 11:05 p.m.  
Blogger Jafo said...

Granted, there are an enormous amount of illegal guns on the street, that's common knowledge. If it were made impossible to acquire a gun at any time, would it not make sense to say that a person can't shoot you if he doesn't have access to a gun?

I didn't write the original post with statistics in mind. I wrote it on opinion only. On what I felt was a concern.

As for the thought that any woman could very well be sexually assaulted makes my blood boil but there are alternative ways women have protected themselves. Yelling "Fire". Read somewhere that usually brings more attention than yelling for help. Having a rape whistle. Fox 40 makes great whistles. There are also pocket sized electronic sirens that give off a wail of approx. 85 Db. Even the basics in self defense have been shown work (and no, I don't have the statistics for that.).

I just don't believe arming every Tom, Dick and Harry should be permitted to walk around with a loaded handgun (with apologies to the Tom's, Dick's and Harry's out there).

February 18, 2008 at 12:58 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


While I appreciate your opinion to wanting safer streets and I agree with it.

I have to disagree with the anti-handgun stance.

My family lives rural now. There have been instances in the area of home invasions.

I'll put in simply. Take a broomstick to simulate a hunting rifle. Now try to move around the house carrying it like a rifle.

Not easy is it? A handgun answers that problem of "mobility" and "utility".

The right tool for the right job. If you want to put a screw into a board, do you use a hammer or a screwdriver?

We are in agreement with wanting safer streets. How that goal is reached responsibly and considering the reality of some situations is where we obviously disagree?

Would you object to a retired policeman having the ability to still carry a firearm? Just in case?

January 11, 2009 at 3:44 p.m.  
Blogger Jafo said...


Thank you for your response. A couple of things, I was raised in a rural area just south-west of Hamilton, Ontario and
I know how much it can take to protect the family in an area where it could take several hours
before there is any kind of police presence. With the right training, you can move around a house
with a rifle with very little problems. We used to have a 12 guage at the ready at all times.

I agree with your comparison about right tool-right job but I learned early that sometimes it's better
to use a power tool. As far as a retired cop retaining his ability to keep his side-arm, he is a trained
professional. He has the edge over most of those who want the right to own hand guns. I'm not saying that
most training facilities don't train gun enthusiasts properly as I'm sure the trainers do an excellent job.
It's what the average joe does after finishing the training. The majority of the gun owners don't have a
clue about what to do in any kind of a situation. It could end up just like what you hear the Americans say...
shoot first-ask questions later. No thanks.

January 11, 2009 at 7:49 p.m.  

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